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Friday, January 16, 2009


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That anyone would trust a tax revenue projection of any sort from Westchester County bureaucrats is a little hard to comprehend. This collection of under-employed lawyers, over-promoted sanitation department schedulers and social-welfare agency wannabes has never displayed a single aptitude for business, business planning or marketing.

Never mind the sophisticated high-wire arena of financial management and economic projections.

Take the entire Board of Legislators. Add to it the menagerie of party-machine hacks, over-compensated bureaucrats, refugees from the municipal buildings and town halls of the various town, villages and cities populating the county now residing in the County Executive's office. Throw in the back-benchers and state and county legislators-in-waiting overflowing from the County Clerk's office. Can you identify a single entrepreneur, small business owner, anybody at all in fact with any experience whatsoever in commerce, distribution or manufacturing?

And we are expected to trust the projections emanating from the computers and writing instruments of the professional office-holders now and forever occupying the many floors of offices in the Michaelian Office Building? Why? What experiential background or useful business training can any of the women or men involved in the current lineup of Westchester County plutocrats claim in the critical area of economic planning or forecasting?

Do not trust their numbers, their promises or their tax revenue forecasts. Not now. Not ever.

Stephen Mayo is a board member of Rethinking Westchester. His comments reflect his own thinking and not those of the Rethinking board or organization in general.

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